Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness – HVAC, Plumbing & Fire Protection

  • Forensic investigation into existing system failures
  • Honest and ethical participation
  • Confident and defensible opinions
  • Defense, plaintiff or subrogation assignments
  • Reasonable and responsible system repair recommendations
  • Thorough and detailed written reports that are comprehensive, organized and complete
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to describe mechanical systems strengths and weaknesses to non-technical audiences
  • Depositions
  • Court testimony

Mechanical Systems Analysis

Due Diligence for Property Purchase or Sale

  • Comprehensive field survey and visual inspection of installed systems
  • Inventory of existing equipment
  • Mechanical conditions assessment
  • Determination of system deficiencies and recommended repairs
  • Review of all documentation including
    • construction documents, record documents, specifications and control sequences
    • O&M manuals
    • TAB reports
    • Service Records
    • Trend Log
  • Building code compliance review
  • Ballpark probable costs for system upgrades
  • Heat gain/heat loss calculations with comparison to predicted installed equipment capacity
  • Comprehensive energy modeling
  • Record drawings
  • Photo journal
  • Detailed and thorough, written summary report
    • Detailed description of all mechanical systems
    • Recommendations for repairs, renovation, and system upgrades
    • Probably cost predictions

Mechanical Systems Troubleshooting

  • Air & water flow imbalance
  • System capacity evolution
  • Temperature controls sequence and functionality
  • Ductwork integrity and sizing
  • Piping integrity and sizing
  • Equipment capacity
  • IAQ investigation
  • Acoustic analysis
  • Hot or cold building performance
  • As-Built drawings

Controlled Maintenance Projects Such As:

  • Boiler replacement and heating system modernization
  • Chiller replacement
  • Mechanical systems conversions and replacement
  • Temperature controls upgrade

Historic Structure Assessment

  • Comprehensive mechanical field survey and visual assessment
  • Recommendations for system upgrade or replacement
    • Complete systems or specific components only
    • Photo journal
    • Statement of probable cost
    • Detailed written summary report

Document Review and Analysis

Peer Review – Quality Assurance

  • Comprehensive review of construction documents
    • HVAC and plumbing load analysis
    • Equipment selection, type and capacity
    • System layout for efficiency and ease of maintenance
    • Ductwork and pipe sizing
    • Building code compliance
    • Temperature controls sequence of operation
  • Non-threatening communications with Engineer of Record
  • Project team meetings and interaction
  • Team approach – cooperative and respectful of Engineer of Record
  • Construction phase site observations with written reports and photo journal

Plan Review – Building Code Enforcement

  • Mechanical code review
  • Plumbing code review
  • Fire protection code review
  • Energy Conservation code review

Smoke Control Systems Special Inspections

  • Develop protocal for testing of smoke control systems
  • Witness smoke control systems testing procedures
  • Allows compliance with IBC 909.18.8 and 1704.14
  • Written report summarizing all testing
  • Participate in design/construction team meetings
  • Cooperative involvement, non-combative
  • Construction site inspection services